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Mark Glentworth – composer & performer

I first noticed my hearing loss as a child but more significantly about 8 years ago.

I was always asking people to repeat themselves when in groups or in busy places and having to turn up the radio or TV.

 I found out about Harley Street Hearing through Help Musicians UK.

Wearing hearing aids has made a great difference as I can now hear everything and everyone. I can also turn them down in busy noisy places or when playing music.

My advice for anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their hearing is don’t be embarrassed about wearing hearing aids, they are discrete, and they will make such a difference to your life.

The team at Harley Street Hearing are amazing, very professional, I would highly recommend them.

Mark is a composer and performer and his recent new musical ‘seven and a half years’ is a true story of a man’s journey from success to despair and isolation back to a final rejuvenation, portrayed through the power of Music and Words. 

For details on Seven and a half years the musical click here

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World’s first hearable with artificial intelligence


LIVIO is the world’s very first hearable with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This is a hearing aid within a class of its own.

This new technology is completely revolutionary. It features integrated sensors and AI (this means it performs tasks that normally require human intelligence).

It’s proven that hearing health is directly connected to overall health and well-being.  Meaning those who can hear can engage with the world around them and live healthier and better lives.  Early treatment for hearing loss can improve or limit cognitive decline and dementia.

Some of the unique features of LIVIO:-

  • Up to 30% improvement in speech understanding in noisy environments
  • Significant improvements in sharpness and clarity
  • Automatically and instantly adapts to the environment to optimise challenging situations
  • Built-in activity tracker – to support hearing health and fitness
  • Manages balance and spatial awareness
  • Detects if you fall and alerts your chosen contact

Want to be one of the first to trial LIVIO in the UK?

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Les Miserables hearing

We carry out hearing testing and custom-made hearing protection for Cameron Mackintosh’s legendary production of Boublil and Schönberg’s Les Misérables.

Les Miserables is a global stage sensation, seen by 70 million people in 52 countries and 22 languages around the world.

Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, Les Misérables tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption – a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit.

Ex-convict Jean Valjean is hunted for decades by the ruthless policeman Javert after he breaks parole. When Valjean agrees to care for factory worker Fantine’s young daughter, Cosette, their lives change forever.

Featuring the songs “I Dreamed A Dream”, “Bring Him Home”, “One Day More” and “On My Own” – Les Misérables is ‘The Show of Shows’

For more information on this show click here

Hamilton hearing protection

We recently had the pleasure of seeing the musicians of Hamilton for their hearing protection.

This outstanding production by Cameron Mackintosh is a sung and rapped through musical about the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton.

Currently at the Victoria Palace Theatre, Hamilton has achieved amazing critical acclaim, including seven Olivier Awards.

For full details of this amazing production click here

Musicians Hearing Services Supports ‘Hear The World’

annie lennox hear the world

Hear the World is a global initiative to raise awareness about the importance of hearing and the consequences of hearing loss.

The initiative addresses the social and psychological effects of hearing loss, and provides information on prevention and solutions for a problem that affects more than 16% of the world’s population. Bryan Adams, Jenson Button, Joss Stone, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Annie Lennox and many more world-renowned personalities support Hear the World as ambassadors.

The Hear the World Foundation is committed to improve the quality of life and promote equal opportunities for people with hearing loss globally. To achieve this, the Foundation provides financial funds, hearing aids and assistive listening technology. The Foundation has a special focus on projects that support children realise their full potential in life regardless of their hearing loss.

To help raise awareness of this important campaign, we would encourage everyone to come along and have a  hearing test with us. Obtaining a graphic representation of your hearing levels in an audiogram helps you to understand your hearing and monitor changes.


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Eddy Temple-Morris DJ gets earplugs for tinnitus

If you’re a DJ or a muso and you’re reading this and thinking ‘maybe its time I got some earplugs…’, hold that thought and listen: there is NO ‘maybe’ about it. I cannot stress to you how important it is to protect your ears, they are your living, and they are under almost daily barrage.

I’ve been on tour with The Prodigy and played gigs so big the monitoring is 30,000 watts of sound, but if you’re thinking ‘I only play little gigs’ it’s often those sh*tty little sound systems at Camden Monarch or some bar that will cause the most damage.

One day, years ago, my colleague Erol Alkan told me he’d lost 40% of the hearing in one of his ears and that he’d just discovered Geraldine and Paul at Musicians Hearing Services.

That recommendation changed my life. I’d get tinnitus SO badly after every gig, that I couldn’t sleep, and I’d be ill as a result. My immune system was shot through and I was a mess.

Since getting MHS to sort me out with plugs, I carry them EVERYWHERE and use them at big gigs, little gigs, parties, anywhere with a sound system. Now I sleep, I’m healthy and my ears aren’t getting any worse despite my job.

They make it easy, they are nice people, they’ll even get rid of that horrid build up of years worth of wax for you.

The plugs come in varying degrees of sound reduction and they just reduce it, not muffle it like those spongy yellow ones you can get for free at festivals. You’ll still hear the sizzle of a hi-hat and the boom of a kick drum, just at less damaging volume.

Now if you’re final thought is ‘hmmm but its quite expensive…’ Stop. It’s the best money I EVER spent.

Do it now. You will not regret it. Just guard them with your life!

PS – just one more thing – if you’re thinking ‘this is one of those free plugs for a plug thing…’ NO. This is from the heart and I paid the same for my earplugs

as you will pay for yours.

Eddy Temple-Morris

most successful Lyric centre in Europe


If you’re looking for help with your hearing Lyric is the only truly invisible device that will enhance your hearing loss and increase the clarity of your music and no one will know.

Known as the contact lens for the ear – Lyric can be worn 24/7, while showering, sleeping, gigging & even swimming with custom-made swim moulds.

For your completely free Lyric hearing assessment and free 30 day trial call 020 7486 1053 or complete below

ALT-J-drummer Thom Green “I couldn’t have imagined how fantastic it would be”

ALT-J - Mercury Music Prize Winners 2012

We first met Alt-J when they came in for their on-stage in-ear-monitors.  Our Clinical Director Paul noticed that drummer Thom was wearing just one 10-year-old NHS aid – its pair was broken – and spoke to him about how digital technology has moved hearing aids on. “I was blown away by how little I knew about new hearing aids,” says Thom.

Thom returned for a full hearing test where, with Paul’s advice, he opted for a binaural pair of Widex Clear 440s. A couple of weeks later, in-between band commitments and touring, Thom returned for his fitting, an experience that up until that point in his life, he could never have imagined.

“The fitting with Paul was great,” he says. “It was overwhelming. I knew that I’d be surprised and it would be amazing but I couldn’t have imagined how fantastic it would be. The levels of my new aids are so good. I’m aware of my voice; I can hear the sound of my pronunciation.”

Harrogate-born Thom was born with Alport Syndrome, a condition that results in hearing loss, kidney disease and can affect eye-sight.

Because of his profession and the sheer volume of touring the band was set to take on in the coming months and years, at their initial consultation Thom decided to opt for CICs as opposed to the BTEs he had been wearing. “When you’re touring, you sleep wherever you can and more often than not, that’s in the van. If you’re trying to sleep with your head leaning against a metal pole your hearing aids get in the way. It’s amazing to now have that whole freedom away from my ears.”

During the fitting, Paul was careful to caution Thom that everything might initially sound strange, especially as Thom had auditory deprivation, having not worn the pair to his aid for over a year. “In situations like this, it takes time to get used to the new sound,” explains Paul. “It will initially feel strange and a bit surreal because the brain is re-adjusting to binaural hearing, which affects balance.”

But Thom soon got used to his new aids and the band embarked on a summer of touring and playing festivals from Japan to Los Angeles, and all over Europe.

As well as being fitted with Widex Clear 440 CICs, Thom now has the Widex M-Dex, an assistive listening device for use with the mobile phone, which has also helped in his life as a member of a Mercury Prize-winning band. “I do a lot of promo and phone interviews,” he says. “The M-Dex makes such a difference. It’s so unique.”


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