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It’s felt like a revelation

It’s felt like a revelation to come across Harley St. Hearing.   As a tour manager, on the road a lot with musicians, I have been frustrated by the limitations of my current NHS hearing aids to process music in a natural way, not to mention day to day speech. I am so excited at the … [read more]

I can enjoy the beautiful sound of my Martin acoustic guitar again

I began playing electric guitar in my teens, and have been touring with my band, The Boomtown Rats, since 1974, which means my ears have been subjected to high volumes of sound for most of my life. About four years ago, I became aware that I was finding it increasingly difficult to take part in … [read more]

David Temple – Conductor

  “Hearing loss for anyone can be hard to cope with but if you are conductor of music, it can be career threatening.  A couple of years ago, I acquired a hearing aid on the NHS which I was reasonably happy with but in the past year I have gone for a new ‘in-ear’ hearing … [read more]

Eric Hill – Playing and listening to music again

Playing and listening to music, especially the acoustic classical guitar, has been central to my life. After far too many years putting up with tinnitus, (a hissing radiator sound), and a habit of frequently asking people  to repeat words, I conquered my professional musician, psychological barriers to wearing hearing aids and sought help. I first … [read more]

Rick Finlay – West End drummer

  “The clarity and balance of my TR15 in-ear monitors make recording and practice much more fun and less tiring. I love ’em!”  

Zane Lowe

A few years back I became very aware of how much I was exposing myself to loud music. However, as a DJ I was concerned about using earplugs and losing some of the feel of the room. I have used these plugs now for 3 years and swear by them. Its only when I take … [read more]

Coldplay testimonial


“Our in-ears are invaluable to us, as are MHS and Geraldine who look after all our hearing needs…”

DJ Bicep

Musicians Hearing Services provided a perfect service when booking, fitting and collecting my earplugs. The quality is second to none both in build and sound, across a range of monitors I have played on since using. Once you start to use them you have much more control over the frequencies at higher volume and makes … [read more]

Ben Drew (aka) Plan B

My life would be very different if I didn’t have the use of my ears. Without my hearing, I wouldn’t be able to work, write songs or act. So looking after my hearing is essential, if I want a career in music or anything else creative. I use in ear monitors when I perform on … [read more]

Matthew Horne

As a DJ I knew I should be protecting my hearing, I often have ringing in my ears after a gig. I tried the foam plugs but they just made everything sound dull. Then I heard about Musicians Hearing Services. They made me custom fitted specialist earplugs which make things quieter but keep the fidelity … [read more]

Pete Townshend

I am very pleasantly surprised after my trip to Musicians Hearing Services. I have just fitted the monitors that they provided and listened to some music. With respect to frequency range I seem to be able to hear a lot of high frequency sounds in my right ear, much more than I expected. Brass is … [read more]

Tre Lowe – Making Noise for Tinnitus

DJ Tre Lowe’s Crusade for Tinnitus & Hearing Awareness for DJ’s, Broadcasters & Entertainers The AIM is: To have no one ask the question- What is Tinnitus? To empower people to take action to protect their hearing. To ensure that no one needlessly suffers from what is an easily preventable condition. Click here to go … [read more]

Ben Cullingworth, drummer in 'Let It Be'

Ben Cullingworth, Let It Be

“The whole process, from fittings to finding the perfect mix for the show was so smooth! The sound is the best I have ever had live and they sit so well in your ears that you forget you are wearing them! Thanks, as always these in-ears are serving me very well!”

Charlotte Devaney

I first got tinnitus in March 2012. For the first couple of weeks it turned my life upside down, but I’ve got used to it now and use my ear plugs every time I DJ, am in the studio or go to a club, and can hear perfectly with them! Musicians Hearing Services were recommended … [read more]

Chris Whatley, University of Dundee

I’m not a musician but a history professor who listens to lots of music.  I have to travel a lot and take a long trip by rail or plane with a set of Geraldine’s custom-made, perfectly-fitting ear plugs – into which can be slipped into the earphones from an i-Pod or Walkman – and you … [read more]

Mark Wilkinson, DJ

I wanted to let you know of my experience with Earplugs over the last 18 years of DJing. A few years back one of my DJ partners got bad Tinnitus in his ears and had to protect them, as we were working together a lot at the time he urged me to get some, which … [read more]

Ben McKeown, The Mustangs

I play bass with the Mustangs, which is a blues/rhythm and blues band.  We play in a wide variety of venues large and small, and frequently have very little control over sound levels/monitoring. I tried the ER15s for the first time last weekend at two separate gigs, and was amazed by the difference they make.  … [read more]

Pete Gooding, DJ

Why wait until you damage your ears? This product from Musicians Hearing Services is fantastic and you can still DJ and produce with them in as your ears adjust very quickly. Money well spent! Pete Gooding DJ

Ben Watt, Everything but the girl

It is hard to overestimate the importance of ear protection in clubs.  I still believe in not wearing them for short periods to experience  the sheer tumult of load music as a physical experience from time to  time, especially on a well-tuned sound system with no distortion (the main culprit for ear damage), but as a … [read more]

Andy Spence, New Young Pony Club

3 people in NYPC use Elacin earplugs and we all agree they are the best way to protect your ears without ruining the sound you hear. Musician Hearing Services have always been very professional and considerate when fitting the plugs so we don’t hesitate to recommend them for ear protection or any other hearing needs. … [read more]

Tahita Bulmer, New Young Pony Club

It’s incredibly important to try and protect your hearing as a singer or musician. I had been using cheap foam earplugs and was definitely experiencing the on-set of tinnitus. Andy Spence, my song writing partner found Musicians Hearing Services at Harley Street Hearing and booked both of us appointments. I am fairly squeamish about having … [read more]

Tom Meadows

My hearing is the most precious tool of my trade. Geraldine and the MHS have taught me how to look after my hearing and make sure that night after night, show after show, my ears are in perfect shape. Their care and services are truly second to none. Hearing is believing. Tom Meadows Drummer – Duffy, … [read more]

James / DJ Nonames (Foreign Beggars)

I have been dj-ing over the last 10 years and have used Musicians Hearing Services ear plugs for half of that, now everyone in the group have a pair! After a few times performing with the -15 db filters it became completely natural, and now I can actually hear things a lot more clearly on … [read more]

DJ Hiatus

I love my hearing, though you wouldn’t have guessed from the way I used to treat it. I’ve spent the last fifteen years producing electronic music, often on headphones to avoid annoying neighbours at antisocial hours; I’ve spent countless weekends in clubs, clinging to speakers when I wasn’t DJing myself; and I’ve played keys in … [read more]


“We are delighted to have these ear protectors – didn’t want our DJing careers to cost us our hearing so can’t recommend these highly enough!” krankbrothers E kieran@krankbrother.com W www.krankbrother.com Skype: kierandclancy

Eats Everything Music

My name is Eats Everything, and I am a DJ/Producer. I first noticed tinnitus and hearing deterioration in around 2003 I think, it has got ever so slightly worse ever since! I came to Musicians Hearing Services because I had always used over the counter plugs, so I needed some proper ones. They have made a … [read more]

The Script

“I will not go on stage without my in-ear monitors from Musicians Hearing Services” http://www.thescriptmusic.com/  


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