Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is needed in many aspects of your life.  

If you are exposed to high levels of noise, this can cause noise induced hearing loss, which is irreversible damage to the ears.

At Musicians’ Hearing Services we can provide you with custom-made luxury ear protection for loud music, motorbike riders, and for noisy work areas.

Hearing protection can also help swimmers and those wanting a restful night sleep.

Available in a large variety of colours.  Click on the protection you require for further details. 

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Noise Protection At Work

Hearing protection should be issued to employees in the event where mitigation of the noise is unable to reduce the noise to a safe level, or as a short-term solution while other control methods are investigated and implemented. Employers should not rely on ear-level hearing protection as an alternative to ensuring acceptable noise levels at work. Some of the requirements for achieving acceptable noise levels include:

  • Providing hearing protection if they are requested by employees and if the exposure to noise at work is between the lower and upper exposure action values.
  • Providing employees with hearing protection and ensuring proper use when exposure to noise at work exceeds the upper exposure action values.
  • Identifying hearing protection zones
  • Proper training and education

Avoiding Noise Pollution At Work

As an employee looking to reduce noise exposure at work, you can request hearing protection from your employer. If the noise in the environment is intrusive for most of the working day, you have to raise your voice to have a normal conversation, or you use noisy tools or machinery for over 30 minutes a day then there are certain expectations you can have of your employer to help protect your hearing. Attending regular hearing checks will allow you to monitor your hearing thresholds and ensure there are no changes related to noise exposure at work.

Protect your hearing or lose it! – Read the official HSE noise protection guide. 

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