Musicians’ Hearing Services Relocates to a Luxurious Clinic at 127 Harley Street

Musicians’ Hearing Services, a renowned provider of hearing solutions for musicians, has recently moved its location from 7 Devonshire Street, London W1W 5PY to a new luxury clinic situated at 127 Harley Street, London, W1G 6AZ. This relocation marks an exciting chapter in our commitment to offering top-quality services to musicians and individuals seeking professional hearing care. Whether you’re experiencing changes in your hearing, require hearing protection, ear wax removal, or need specialised services such as therapy for tinnitus, Musicians’ Hearing Services has you covered. Additionally, we offer customised in-ear monitors for musicians, providing unique ear impressions tailored to your specific needs.

New Clinic Address: Musicians’ Hearing Services, 127 Harley Street, London, W1G 6AZ

Musicians Hearing ConsultationComprehensive Musicians’ Hearing Services

At Musicians’ Hearing Services we specialise in catering to the unique auditory needs of musicians, and we offer a range of services to ensure optimal hearing health.

Hearing Tests

If you suspect changes in your hearing or want to assess your hearing capabilities, Musicians’ Hearing Services provides comprehensive hearing tests and can advise on hearing technology designed for the specific needs of musicians.

Custom-Made Hearing Protection

Ensure that your ears are adequately safeguarded while you enjoy your musical pursuits with musicians’ Pro ear plugs which will protect your hearing from the effects of overexposure to loud sounds throughout your life.

Tinnitus Therapy

If you are struggling with tinnitus, Musicians’ Hearing Services offers hearing therapy to alleviate the associated symptoms. Our dedicated hearing therapists are experienced in working with musicians and understand the impact tinnitus can have on your career and overall well-being.

Instant Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax buildup can affect your hearing and cause discomfort. We offer safe and effective ear wax removal through a technique known as microsuction. Our highly trained clinical audiologists remove the wax with precision accuracy using high-spec examination microscopes, providing immediate relief.

In-Ear Monitors

Musicians requiring in-ear monitors can benefit from our expertise in creating personalised ear impressions. These impressions ensure that the in-ear monitors fit perfectly, delivering optimal sound quality and reducing the risk of hearing damage. We can either have your in-ear monitors made for you in the UK or we can send your 3d scans to your preferred US manufacturer.

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

At Musicians’ Hearing Services we are proud to be the nationwide provider for the Musicians Hearing Health Scheme. This scheme offers eligible musicians access to specialised hearing services and solutions at a much reduced cost. To apply for the scheme see here.

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