Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Luxury custom-fit safety noise cancelling earplugs for use in all industries where there is excessive noise.

Biopact™ incorporates a special filter biased towards harmful frequencies but which cut out no more sound than is necessary to protect your ears. Fitted into soft, durable, silicone earpieces which can be worn under protective head gear.   Biopact™ is independently tested to ISO4689 and DIN17460 and conform to European Normalisation EN352-2 standards laid down for hearing protection and carry the CE 121 marking.

Guaranteed levels of protection and comfort together with a lifetime of approximately five years.

Supplied in a clear silicone with a red dot for the right ear and blue dot for the left ear, but can also be manufactured in different colours and with cords attached.

One of our trained audiologists will take your unique ear impressions.

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For more info read the official HSE noise protection guide.

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