In-Ear Monitors

What are in ear monitors?

In ear monitors (IEMs) are a form of custom moulded headphones used by bands and artists whilst performing on stage.

IEMs replace the traditional and feedback-prone floor monitors and side fill loudspeakers with a small wireless device worn by the performer.  They deliver the monitor mix directly to the ears, at a volume that can be personally controlled. 

Crucially, they also provide isolation from the high levels of ambient noise.

For years musicians and other sound professionals have used custom IEMs for the highest degree of comfort and noise isolation on stage.

Now all MP3 and smart phone users can benefit from the same technology.  Many IEMs are based on technology developed for hearing aids so accuracy levels are exceptionally high.  They enhance small details in music that you didn’t even know existed.

Benefits of IEM’s

IEMs offer lots of benefits to the performer as well as the audience:

  • Complete freedom of movement

  • 26dB of isolation – eliminating stage volume and ambient noise 

  • Control of volume which helps to safeguard hearing and reduces voice fatigue

  • A clear and uncluttered stage which improves audience sight lines

  • Reduction of on-stage volume improving front-of-house sound

  • Overall improvement in monitoring sound quality, more precise, more consistent.

Live performance monitoring

IEM’s allow performers to more effectively monitor their own performance, whilst utilising the noise reduction properties to help protect their hearing for the future. 

The sound engineer can combine signals from multiple sources (instruments) and create an individual mix for each performer on stage. 

Each performer is able to set the mix as they wish, meaning that members of the band hear slightly more or less of certain instruments, without affecting the overall sound produced by the band.

In Ear Monitor Technology

In ear monitors are custom moulded using miniature balanced armature transducer technology to deliver the ultimate in sound quality. 

The tiny magnetic receivers offer high resistance to mechanical shock and deliver smooth responses with very low distortion levels. 

In ear monitors reduce the ambient sound environment by approximately 26 dB.  This reduction in the outside noise allows for a safer, lower listening volume from the source; whilst at the same time delivering a superbly detailed sound reproduction.

Which style In Ear Monitors are suitable for me?

IEMs are generally categorised by the number of transducers (drivers) they have within them. It is the same as considering the number of speakers you have in a sound system.

Single driver – Single modular unit

A wideband unit providing the isolation benefits of IEMs whilst delivering a detailed sound across a large frequency range. Often viewed as an entry level set up.

Dual Driver

Feature two drivers focussing on different sections of the full frequency range to deliver a more accurate, clean, and crisper response across the whole frequency range.

Triple Driver 

Separate the sound into low end, mid-range and high end. 

Deliver an unbiased audio reproduction. 

Used by people seeking the highest possible sound quality.

Many manufacturers also design IEMs that have more than three drivers, and the configuration of the drivers depends on the design and desired outcome for the style of sound.

IEMs are only as good as the impressions taken

All IEM manufacturers have specific instructions on how they request the impressions to be taken. Ensure that you have made your decision about which manufacturer you are ordering from before having your impressions taken.

Good impressions will ensure that the IEMs are comfortable, have a good acoustic seal and deliver the best possible sound quality.

We take deep impressions of your ears using a fast setting Silicone composite. 

The IEM’s are then made uniquely for the shape of your ears, with all of the components being built into the moulds.

At Musicians’ Hearing Services we ONLY allow qualified audiologists to do this for you. 

All staff have had a minimum of 4 years training with further post qualification experience so you know you’re in safe hands.

We are the recommended UK audiologists for all major IEM brands.

Call  020 7486 1053 and we can create your impressions and either have your IEM’s made or sent to the manufacturers for you.

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