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Clubbing & Tinnitus

Clubbing and Tinnitus

Read Paul Checkley-Clinical Director at Musicians’ Hearing Services contribution to the Independent’s article on how likely are you, as someone who might enjoy going regularly to gigs and nightclubs, to get tinnitus. Read the original article on the Independent website. How likely are you, as someone who might enjoy going regularly to gigs or nightclubs, to … [read more]

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Metro Reporter Waxing Lyrical

Metro.co.uk reporter Coral Barry came into see our audiologist Jaspreet Bahra at our Harley Street branch as she felt her ears were blocked. Jaspreet carried out microsuction – which is the fastest, least intrusive form of wax removal. Come to our clinics in Harley Street and Golders Green, the cost of wax removal is £80. Appointments are normally available within 24 hours, for the next suitable … [read more]

DJ Mag custom made ear plug offer

To book your appointment for custom-made musicians earplugs for £150, please call 020 7 486 1053 or click here to e-mail.  Don’t forget to quote DJ Mag to take advantage of this offer.

musicians earplugs only £135!

In support for Tinnitus Awareness Week from 8th February to 7th March 2016 only Just call 020 7486 1053 and quote TAW 135, or, out of normal office hours, please e-mail info@musicianshearingservices.co.uk with your preferred dates and times. You will need to come in for ear impressions – so that your earplugs are a perfect fit.   Our clinics are located … [read more]

Musicians North West Hearing

Musicians Hearing Services now in the North West of England

Jessica Jane Stafford (actress & tv star) officially opened our sister company North West Hearing and Musicians Hearing Services North in Cheadle.  Jessica Jane has been wearing Lyrics – the only “fit and forget” completely invisible hearing aid “for the past three years. “Since having my baby I feel confident at night that I will … [read more]

WHO make listening safe

Risk of hearing loss warning

Some 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults worldwide are at risk of hearing loss due to the unsafe use of personal audio devices, including smartphones, and exposure to damaging levels of sound at noisy entertainment venues such as nightclubs, bars and sporting events, according to the World Health Organisation. Hearing loss has potentially devastating consequences … [read more]


MU Wellbeing Week – Hearing issues for Musicians

After the success of ‘Wellbeing Week’ last year, the MU is holding another series of taster sessions for members on the theme of Health and Wellbeing for Musicians, this time in partnership with HelpMusicians UK and BAPAM.  Limited places are available for each session and are free for members to attend. There is a charge … [read more]

Rita Ora & Jaz

Rita Ora ‘Open Jaw’ impressions for In-ear monitors

Rita popped by to have her ‘open jaw’ impressions taken.  We specialise in hearing protection for musicians; which is why we are recommended audiologists for all the major in-ear monitor companies.  

LiNX at Musicians Hearing Services

LiNX – the first “made for iPhone” hearing aid

Now available from Musicians Hearing Services.  GN Resound partnered with Apple to create LiNX  which, using Bluetooth technology, connects the hearing aid directly to the iPhone.  The small, slim design lets you hide LiNX if you want to – or show it off if you’d rather, even if you have a severe hearing loss. Connect … [read more]

Royal Opera House logo

Orchestra Hearing Protection from MHS

    The orchestra at the Royal Opera House have asked us to provide earcare services and education about hearing protection.  Many musicians are not aware of the potential harm that continued exposure to loud music can cause to hearing. We provide information and advice to the players and work with them to develop strategies … [read more]

ALT-J - Mercury Music Prize Winners 2012

ALT-J-drummer Thom “I couldn’t have imagined how fantastic it would be”

We first met Alt-J  earlier this year when they came in for their on-stage in-ear-monitors.  Our Clinical Director Paul noticed that drummer Thom was wearing just one 10-year-old NHS aid – its pair was broken – and spoke to him about how digital technology has moved hearing aids on. “I was blown away by how … [read more]


Eddy XFM DJ gets earplugs for tinnitus

If you’re a DJ or a muso and you’re reading this and thinking ‘maybe its time I got some earplugs…’, hold that thought and listen: there is NO ‘maybe’ about it. I cannot stress to you how important it is to protect your ears, they are your living, and they are under almost daily barrage. … [read more]

The Sunday Times

"Geraldine Daly – audiologist to the stars". Read more.

It’s felt like a revelation

It’s felt like a revelation

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I can enjoy the beautiful sound of my Martin acoustic guitar again

I can enjoy the beautiful sound of my Martin acoustic guitar again

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David Temple – Conductor

David Temple - Conductor

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Eric Hill – Playing and listening to music again

Eric Hill - Playing and listening to music again

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Rick Finlay – West End drummer

Rick Finlay - West End drummer

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Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe

A few years back I became very aware of how much I was exposing myself to lo...



“Our in-ears are invaluable to us, as are MHS and Geraldine who look after a...

DJ Bicep

DJ Bicep

Musicians Hearing Services provided a perfect service when booking, fitting and ...