Tinnitus cannot be cured, but here’s how rock fans can prevent hearing loss

There’s a moment near the beginning of Sound Of Metal, the Oscar-nominated movie about a drummer who goes deaf, where Ruben (played by Riz Ahmed) is being diagnosed after experiencing bouts of sudden and overwhelming hearing loss. “Your hearing is deteriorating rapidly,” he is told. “You have to understand: your first responsibility is to preserve the hearing you have.”

Paul Checkley – Clinical Director at Harley Street Hearing and Musicians Hearing Services was interviewed for his advice:


or as most people know it, a high-pitched ringing you get in your ears, can be intermittent for some people, but for others it’s a chronic condition. It’s also irreversible.

“People say, ‘I came out of a gig and my ears were ringing’ without understanding that isn’t something to just joke about,” says Paul. “It means that potentially your hearing has been damaged irreversibly… There is no cure for tinnitus as such, which is one of the biggest issues that people face: you get this ringing in your ears and are then told that you’re going to have that for the rest of your life.”

Because tinnitus has no cure, only treatment, Paul recommends wearing earplugs. Harley Street Hearing & Musicians’ Hearing Services fit both heavy gig-goers and musicians with custom-moulded, “flat response” plugs.

“If you’ve got tinnitus, we would normally do a hearing test to allow us to assess it,” says Paul. 

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