Brighton Music Conference

Written by Fiona Butterworth – Senior clinical audiologist.

‘I was invited to sit on the “All About Ears” panel. Given the conference was housed in the British Airways i360, it was easy to navigate to once I had made my way to the Brighton seafront promenade. 

This was the first educational event that I had attended in person since early March 2020 and it was great to be back amongst the musicians. I am passionate about teaching people the importance of using hearing protection and together with Andy Shiach from ACS, Liam Hennessy from HMUK, and DJ Annabellestopit, we were able to answer questions from all angles, tying in our own personal experiences to bolster our responses. 

The audience asked interesting questions that were linked to both their experience as musicians but also to their non-musical day-jobs and how they must manage their noise exposure across both careers carefully. It was clear that everyone in the audience understood the importance of protecting their hearing, and by the end of the panel discussion they had the information they needed.  

The music industry is still recovering from the hit it received from the pandemic, and it was refreshing and exciting to see the enthusiasm of the musicians as they moved around the conference.’ 

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