Listen to the first Elevate Music podcast – an invaluable resource helping musicians to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Elevate Music podcast focuses on a range of different themes across 15 episodes, including mental and vocal health, hearing problems, stage fright, drugs and alcohol, social media and the challenge of touring and many more.

The series launches with an episode featuring host Lucy Heyman talking to Help Musicians’ Head of Health & Welfare – Joe Hastings, and Adam Ficek, a member of Babyshambles.

“When I was thrust into the music industry, it was amazing, I felt adrenalised, but I didn’t have the same business sense I have now,” said Ficek. “On reflection, the biggest transition was after the phone stops ringing. It’s a business, it’s an industry and it’s neither good nor bad.”

He added: “There needs to be more information and awareness, to help musicians be better prepared. A place for musicians to go”.

The project is the brainchild of industry researcher and CEO of Elevate Music, Lucy Heyman, who also presents the podcast.

“Studies have shown that pop musicians feel unsupported in their careers with health and wellbeing issues, so this  podcast is looking at the key topics that research tells us they need most help with,” she said.  “The podcast, along with the other services that Elevate Music provides, is initiating a much-needed crisis-prevention model within the industry to try and stop issues from impacting on musicians’ health in the future.”