Shooting Plugs

Shooting can permanently damage your hearing in milliseconds so it’s essential to use the correct, high performance attenuators.

Luxury custom-fit Sonic Valves protect your ears only when you need it most, allowing you to hear normally when there is no gun being fired.  The passive valves react upon impulse from sound waves and shutdown momentarily when the gun fires.  They are not electronic and the valve barrels can be removed for easy cleaning of the moulds.

These are the ultimate in completely reactive hearing protection for those with regular exposure to firearms.  Ideal for sportsmen, police firearm officers and army personnel.

Simply contact us to arrange an appointment, one of our trained audiologists will take your unique ear impressions which is completely painless and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Choose from a variety of colours, colour combinations and personalise with logos or images.

As used by Steve Scott UK Olympic and World Champion trap shooter.