Ben McKeown, The Mustangs

ben_mckeown_mustangsI play bass with the Mustangs, which is a blues/rhythm and blues band.  We play in a wide variety of venues large and small, and frequently have very little control over sound levels/monitoring. I tried the ER15s for the first time last weekend at two separate gigs, and was amazed by the difference they make.  I could hear myself and the other members of the band with total clarity, but the excessive volume and “wash” of sound was completely gone.

The boominess of my bass disappeared, with the result that I could clearly hear every note as I played it.  I was able to play as tightly as I have ever played without any strain or effort.

Best of all, after each gig I was able to fall into bed without the usual ringing in the ears and feeling of being noise-battered.  The whole experience was far more enjoyable and less fatiguing,

The ER15s are an incredible piece of kit that I would recommend to any musician.  I intend never to play a gig without them again.

Ben McKeown
The Mustangs